21 April 2017 | 09:39

Thomas Cook Airlines Expands in The U.S. and Europe

Thomas Cook Airlines Adds New Non-Stop San Francisco-Manchester Route; Announces New Summer Schedule to London, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast
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13 July 2016 | 12:14 Uhr

New route, new hotel: Birmingham to Sicily

New route from Birmingham to Comiso starting summer 2017.
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02 June 2016 | 17:24 Uhr

Great new Thomas Cook Airlines signage at London Gatwick check-in

No work or school for London Gatwick customers of Thomas Cook Airlines Brand positioning of uplifting customers and removing the drag from flying comes to  ...
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23 May 2016 | 12:23 Uhr

Specialist team says Thomas Cook Airlines interiors are purrfect

• Thomas Cook Airlines premium class cabins tested…by cats • New marketing campaign leads on quality for the first time • Three different teams tested  ...
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02 May 2016 | 11:09 Uhr

First Manchester-Los Angeles flight takes off

• Taste testing meals at 35,000 feet as new James Martin menu launched • Marilyn Monroe, rock music feature in Hollywood theme celebrations • 30 retail agent  ...
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19 April 2016 | 23:26 Uhr

Extra Thomas Cook Airlines A320 for Birmingham means five new routes

• Extra A320 takes Birmingham S17 fleet from four to five; • Announcement made to 150 retail agents on special TCX experience flight • Additional frequency  ...
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19 April 2016 | 15:47 Uhr

REVEALED: secrets of James Martin’s amazing Thomas Cook Airlines meals

• Umami – not extra salt and sugar – wakes up dull taste buds at altitude • Chef’s involvement from his home kitchen to on the plane • Facebook James Martin  ...
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11 April 2016 | 12:38 Uhr

Thomas Cook Airlines and Manchester Airport take centre stage for Manchester Pride’s The Big Weekend 2016

Second year for TCX sponsorship USA-theme to The Big Weekend main stage
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