Thomas Cook Group Airline pledge against plastic

The Thomas Cook Group will remove 70 million single-use plastics within the next 12 months.

Eight million pieces of plastic pollution enter the oceans each day. This horrifying fact has devastating consequences; it is harming wildlife and washes up on the beaches we want to enjoy on holiday.

“Our commitment is to remove 70 million single-use plastics – equivalent to 3,500 suitcases full - within the next 12 months. This will come from across our operations at home, on our planes and while our customers are holidaying in our own-brand hotels,” said Group Corporate Affairs and Communications Director Alice Macandrew.

With the pledge “NOPLACEFORPLASTICS” the four main pillars of focus are:





A new survey among holidaymakers from Europe reveals that they care about single use plastics. More than 90% of holidaymakers across the airline markets are concerned about the current level of plastic pollution littering our seas and they think it is important that holiday companies take plastic pollution seriously. Two-thirds say they would use a travel company, which is serious about reducing the use of plastic items. That is why our commitment is just beginning.

“We really want to initiate a change. With the Group wide campaign #noplaceforplastic, we call on a battle against plastics and in the airline we are working on additional measures to further decrease the use of plastic on board of our aircraft. The survey proves that our customers are eager to remove single use plastics and raise the general awareness around the subject of plastics,” says Christoph Debus, Chief Airline Officer. "The challenge is very big and there is a lot to do. I am fully aware that the removal of those items is just a start, but this is a very important step in the right direction.”

Concern about the polluting of our seas and oceans has grown in the past year. Almost 75% of holidaymakers are more aware of their use of plastic today than they were 12 months ago. Furthermore, three out of four customers are ready to give up single use plastic items frequently used when airborne. Hence, Thomas Cook Group Airline will be starting today and before 2020 will remove nine million plastic straws and stirrers, 750,000 plastic wrappers for headsets and magazines and the airline will also sort all waste for local recycling wherever possible.

About Thomas Cook Group Airline:

Thomas Cook Group Airline, part of Thomas Cook Group, is one of Europe’s leading leisure airlines, operating from the three source markets Germany, UK and the Nordic countries. Under the brand Condor Flugdienst GmbH, the company has been flying its guests to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world since 1956. With a fleet of 100 aircraft, the airline carries 18.5m customers per year to more than 130 destinations, generating revenues of £3.2bn. Its 8,500 employees put the customer at the heart of everything they do. The airline has received more than 60 awards in the past five years, showing the passion and customer focus of its colleagues around the world.


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